The Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units

Stemming from an Italian initiative, supported by the G-8 Countries as part of a wider Action Plan of the International Community for Expanding Global Capability for Peace Support Operations, with a particular emphasis on African Countries, the CoESPU (Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units) was established by the Carabinieri on March 1st 2005, in Vicenza (Italy).

The CoESPU, as a national structure opened to international contributions, is a center for advanced studies and a doctrinal hub, serving as a think tank and a training center that mainly operates in cooperation with the United Nations Department of Peace Operations (UN DPO) and with other International Organizations, to develop Carabinieri-like units of interested Police Contributing Countries committed to support Peace Operations.

Sponsored by the United States Department of State (US DoS) through its Global Peace Operations Initiative, the project is based on the international expertise developed by the Italian Carabinieri, as well as on their expertise developed through numerous peacekeeping missions over last decades.

The Center is primarily dedicated to:

  • conducting training programs;
  • maturing current police peacekeeping doctrine and related best practices, developing doctrinal proposals and new operational procedures;
  • promote interoperability principles;
  • be an active part of a worldwide “doctrinal network”, interacting with the various International Organizations, Academic Institutes and peers Research Centers.

The CoESPU’s training efforts aim to prepare police peacekeepers specialized in managing the transition from a post-crisis situation to a stable environment for reconstruction – through a people and community oriented approach.

The Center of Excellence is open to all Countries interested in establishing their own Stability Police Units, which may be employed in Peace Operations under the auspices of the UN, as well as of other International Organizations.