Covid-19 in relation to Training: a burden or a virtue?

Same as everyone else reading this, in the Netherlands we had and have to deal with all limitations Covid-19 throws at us, both in private situations and in a Professional environment.

As we all have to deal with the same problems and limitations I would like to guide you along the steps we took in order to convert “making the best of the (training) situation” into “new insights on effective training and mindset guidance”.

Protecting the truth, a requisite to peacekeeping

Every day, around 100,000 women and men work as UN peacekeepers in field missions around the world. They serve far from home, in frequently dangerous and always challenging environments to protect, to build and to stabilize. This is our mission, and the context in which peacekeeping operates continue to evolve. The growth of social media and the 24-hour news cycle has created tremendous opportunities to communicate about our work and build support.

UN Performance Evaluation: Time to Re-Think?

In October 2019, the UN Secretary-General presented the UN’s first annual budget in over 45 years to the Committee of the General Assembly that has responsibilities for administrative matters. The programme budget for 2020 totalled $2.87 billion. To put this in perspective, this equates approximately to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Timor-Leste, or the GDP for the Seychelles and The Gambia combined.