AT - Asymmetric Threat Course

DURATION: 2 weeks

Asymmetric Threats - 15th Edition

In today’s world an asymmetric threat in the form of terrorism is the major risk to peace and stability. 

The international community fights terrorism with a set of tools encompassing military and police assets. New doctrines and tactics are under development in order to stop a phenomenon that is transnational, complex and subtle. The goal of this course is to providea general overview of this XXIst century threat.


This specific course aims to provide participants with an overallknowledge on terrorism in all its aspects, along with the best strategies and practices in use to combat it.


Up to 25 Police Officers, preferably those already possessing specific skills, serving in - or eligible for - police units dealing with the matter.


  • asymmetric threat: aspects and definitions;
  • legal framework for anti-terrorism operations;
  • historical and social-anthropological analysis of radical and terrorist groups;
  • best practices to counter the threat;
  • at the end of the course, participants are aware of the characteristics of  asymmetric warfare and terrorism, and are aware of the current best practices to fight it.


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