CPM - Civil, Police & Military Relations Course

High level course that utilizes the UN Standard Training Modules as well as UN DPKO guidelines, provides cross sector training for senior personnel from police, military and civilian components, who might take part in Peace Support Operations (PSO).


This training aims to increase mutual knowledge and to finalize and share co-ordination mechanisms ( as well as to enhance the ability of cooperation) among the different elements and actors involved in PSO, with particular regard to deployments in non-stabilised areas.

DURATION: 4 weeks


UP to 40 international participants, represented by selected senior police and military officers in the rank of Colonel/Lt Colonel /Major and senior civilian experts.


Increasing participants knowledge of the different PSO components operating in a mission area, along with their working procedures and best practices;

  • developing participants ability to identify differentbasic IHL and IHRL rules and standards of behaviour and to be able to apply these correctly.
  • providing them with tools and methods to properly deal with cultural distinctions and other sorts of diversity existing in a mission environment;
  • studying integrated operational procedures and doctrinal concepts necessary for peacekeeping staff;
  • analysing the implications of the Security Gap in PSOs, developing mechanisms for integrated responses as well as mutually supportive participation by police, military and civilian components;
  • developing the necessary skills to take part in a multifunctional peacekeeping operationat a managerial level;
  • developing a general knowledge of stabilization and reconstruction processes.


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FROM04 Apr 2018
TO24 Apr 2018
POC17 - English language
FROM31 Jan 2018
TO27 Feb 2018
CPM22 - French language
FROM08 Nov 2017
TO05 Dec 2017
CPM21 - English language
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