(e)CPOC - (enhanced) Comprehensive Protection of Civilians Course

DURATION: 10 days

High level course that provides specialized training for military, police and civilian personnel, devoted to managing the Protection of Civilian in Peace Operations (PSO), utilizing the UN Standard Training Modules as well as UN DPKO guidelines; the course has been designed based on the CPOC for Police training Materials and in compliance with the most relevant UN policies, standards and manuals in order to promote an effective knowledge and implementation of POC in Peace Operations.,.


The aim of the course is to provide participants with a comprehensive preparation that combines aspects of POC, Child Protection and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence for police peacekeepers in UN peacekeeping operations. This includes several small exercises as well as a larger scenario-based exercise, which will be run at the end of the course to strengthen participants’ understanding on how POC, Child Protection and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence considerations impact police planning processes at the tactical level.


The target group for the course are 20 Police Senior Officers in the rank of Colonel / Lt Colonel / Major (or equivalent)  from national law enforcement organizations, eligible for deployment in UN Peace Missions.

(It is requested, as a prerequisite, that selected participants must have followed a specific training on the United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials - CPTM; such course is possible to attend both, or in home Country - providing the related diploma - or at the CoESPU, with a 5-day-long-course, before the beginning of the GP Course).


  • understanding of the DPKO/DFS Operational Concept POC;
  • understanding of the framework for Drafting Mission-wide POC Strategies in UN Peacekeeping Operations;
  • creating awareness of critical challenges involved in POC and providing institutional guidance;
  • increasing understanding of the range of civilian vulnerabilities and how to ensure they are identified and addressed;
  • presenting methods to deal properly with cultural differences and other types of diversity in international operational environments as well as in host countries;
  • enhancing ability to carry out integrated operational procedures, and investigations, aimed to counter SGBV in a multidimensional peacekeeping operation.


FROM17 Jul 2024
TO30 Jul 2024
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