FPU CS - Command Staff

DURATION: 72 hours in 10 days in residential form

This course has structured to provide FPU components with a unique track of training, stemming from the appropriate UN doctrine, including a mentoring/training session that will take place in the police contributing country. This training is reserved for Commanders, Staff, platoon and squad leaders of single FPUs as identified by UN DPKO that will be deployed to PSOs. After the Training Course at the CoESPU, a Carabinieri Mobile Mentoring Team has deployed to the FPU contributing country.


The aim of the course is ensure that appointed or potential UN FPU Commanders possess the core competencies, skills and necessary knowledge to lead their units at tactical level in accordance with international human rights standards and humanitarian law, UN standards, realizing the principles, objectives, and methodology of UN policing.


International participants, represented by Senior Officers in the rank of Colonel/Lt Colonel /Major or their equivalent

This training is primarily intended to form FPU Commanders and Coordinators as well as their Supporting Staff, providing them with the capability to plan and conduct operations at tactical level, in accordance with UN standards.

(It is requested, as a prerequisite, that selected participants must have followed a specific training on the United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials - CPTM; such course is possible to attend both, or in home Country - providing the related diploma - or at the CoESPU, with a 5-day-long-course, before the beginning of the GP Course).



Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • direct the FPU components and its operations in line with  international human rights law, international humanitarian law, UN standards of conduct including the prevention and response to sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), or standards for UN mandates tasks including, inter alia, the protection of civilians (POC), human rights, response to conflict related sexual violence (CRSV), child protection as well as safety and security procedures;
  • uphold and demonstrate the highest standards of conduct and effective leadership of units and individuals in day to day general policing and complex police operations by ensuring well-coordinated unity of efforts with other mission components;
  • outline doctrinal references and operational procedures necessary for FPU management concerning decision-making, planning and reporting, conflict management, use of force, arrest and detention, self-sustainment and capacity building;
  • explain the importance of pre-deployment preparation and mission operational readiness as outlined in the Statement of Unit Requirements (SUR) including pre-deployment training in compliance with necessary policy standards.

The work sessions will culminate with scenario based exercise at putting into practice the notions proposed during the course.


FROM18 Sep 2024
TO01 Oct 2024


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