FPU CS PDT - Formed Police Units Command Staff Pre-Deployment Training Course

DURATION: 8 weeks

The FPU pre-deployment Training is a 8-week-course intended to train an entire FPU in order to provide to all members the basic knowledge and skills required for operating properly in a UN peace operation. The activity is composed of two different phases, the first, hosted in Italy, dedicated only to the Command Staff members and FPU leading positions, the second phase to the whole FPU.


FPU Pre deployment training, utilizing the UN pre-deployment curricula for police as well as the UN FPU Doctrine, will be aimed to form an FPU providing the capability to plan and conduct operations at tactical level, in accordance with UN standards.

The objective of the first phase, reserved for Command staff is also to develop the didactical skills of the leading positions in order to make them capable of preparing their subordinates for duties in a peacekeeping operation


This course is intended to deliver the pre-deployment training for an entire FPU according to the UN DPKO CPTM 2017 and FPU STM 2016 standards.

The first part of the course will be reserved to Commanders, staff, platoon and squad leaders of an FPU (approximately Up to 15 individuals) identified by UN DPKO to be deployed to Peace Operations.

The remaining part of the FPU (approximately Up to 150 individuals) will be trained in the Training Centre of the beneficiary country by the Command Staff elements supported by a CoESPU Mobile Mentoring Team.


  • At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • prepare the entire FPU for duties in a peacekeeping operation, in accordance with UN standards and pre-deployment curricula for police;
  • enhance FPU members’ knowledge of basic Human Rights, particularly in cases of use of force, arrest and detention;
  • ensure that FPU members fulfil the minimum performance standards for their issued firearms;
  • develop the FPU members’ capacities with regard to public order management;
  • provide updated information on mission scenarios;
  • improve the FPU members’ knowledge and skills with regard to protection of UN personnel and facilities.
  • augment the FPU members’ capabilities to cooperate and eventually support the host country law enforcement agencies.


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FROM16 Jan 2023
TO17 Mar 2023
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