GP - Gender Protection in UN Peace Operations

DURATION: 5 days

Special course that provides specialized training for Senior Police Officers, devoted to managing gender-related activities and tasks in Peace Operations (POs).


The course is designed to prepare experienced Police Officers, who deploy in UN POs key positions or as GENAD/Focal Point, to properly acknowledge and address gender-related issues, with particular reference to those aspects evidenced in WPS framework and UN POs Gender Responsive Policy.


The target group for the Gender Protection Course is composed by a group of max 25 experienced Police Officers (rank OF2-OF5), from national law enforcement agencies, who are going to be deployed as Police Officers in UN Peace Operations key positions or as Gender SME (Advisors/Focal Points). It is requested that selected participants, prior the course attendance, become familiar with the CPTM 2017 content.

(It is requested, as a prerequisite, that selected participants must have followed a specific training on the United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials - CPTM; such course is possible to attend both, or in home Country - providing the related diploma - or at the CoESPU, with a 5-day-long-course, before the beginning of the GP Course).


  • have a deep knowledge and full understanding of gender-related issues and their different effects / consequences / implications in a multidimensional PSO;
  • be able to challenge gender bias and discriminatory behaviours and to apply this knowledge to the day to day work;
  • be aware of the best practices and lessons learned already acquired by relevant international organizations in the specific matter;
  • be able to support every mission planning process and operations ensuring the due consistency with the UN gender policy;
  • acquire the necessary knowledge to promote gendermainstreming into the mission SSR-capacity building efforts;
  • develop the necessary skills to conduct SGBV and THB related investigations in a multidimensional peacekeeping operation, inclusive of victim assistance.


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TO12 Nov 2024
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