International Courses

The training courses offered by CoESPU, in accordance with international programs.



Army Monuments Officer Training (AMOT) is a ten-day course intended to train on the responsibility in implementing the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in times of Armed Conflict. It focuses on CPP in the context of Army, Joint and combined doctrine and… Read more


In today’s world an asymmetric threat in the form of terrorism is the major risk to peace and stability. 

The international community fights terrorism with a set of tools encompassing military and police assets. New doctrines and tactics are under development in order to stop a… Read more



Police (MP) tasks have been in constant development since the end of the Cold War. Modern international and multidimensional operations require not only a deep knowledge of the existing doctrine and best practices, but alsoa new mental approach required of the operators who are called to… Read more




The course is designed to train high rank personnel for conducting activity of Strategic Advising at Ministerial level or at the top of a Police Force.


Maximum 10 units.

Is addressed to Officers and… Read more


Crisis around the world are requiring a growing presence of robust and specialized police units able to tackle thosethreatswhich are typicalof post-conflict scenarios, like terrorism and organized crime, which can affect the reconstruction and stabilization process. Major international… Read more