TB - Training Building


The course directly responds to the objective of developing and enhancing the didactical knowledge and training skills of future course managers, trainers and lecturers, able to properly and efficiently plan and develop a didactical activity or a course program and eventually present their capabilities in front of an audience.


The participants shall receive qualification as training managers, course planners, trainers and instructors able to plan, organize and manage a course or a training activity and implement the basic didactical techniques, methods and teaching forms.


The target group is up to 20 police officers, from national law enforcement organizations who are going to be deployed as training managers, course planners, trainers and instructors in the field of law enforcement..

(It is requested, as a prerequisite, that selected participants must have followed a specific training on the United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials - CPTM; such course is possible to attend both, or in home Country - providing the related diploma - or at the CoESPU, with a 5-day-long-course, before the beginning of the GP Course).


  • be able to plan, organize and manage a training activity and develop a Course Program and related Lesson Plans;
  • efficiently respond to training needs individuated, formulating adequate training proposals and preparing consequential course programs;
  • possess the necessary skills to analyze, select and engage the Training Audience, creating  suitable lessons plans and adapting the didactical activities to the attendees needs and capacities;
  • gain knowledge about the basic principles and techniques for strengthening the attention of the trainees and principles of working with Multicultural Environment/Audience;
  • become familiar with most popular training-support materials, teaching methods and forms;
  • understand and apply the basic communication techniques;
  • gain knowledge about the Evaluation and Assessment Methodologies;
  • be able to prepare and apply a successful evaluation and assessment system/plan.


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