CoESPU Alumni Program

The CoESPU Alumni Program is a nascent, internet-based project that is designed to encourage CoESPU alumni to connect with each other, provide access to the most current UN doctrine and guidance, as well as to the CoESPU training material, to enhance Police Contributing Country (PCC) Self Sufficiency via alumni capability to train.

There already exists a sense of fraternity and “belonging” that arises from individual participation in the various courses and activities organized by the CoESPU.  The Alumni Program aims to build upon that collegiality by encouraging a social network among the graduates, as well as providing access to the CoESPU’s resources, such as developing doctrine and the latest tactics, techniques and procedures.

The access to the social network is simple and requires a registration.

If you are a former CoESPU student and wish to join the CoESPU Alumni Program, you can click on the following link to start the registration: