An Historical Overview of Police Reforms and Gender Issues in Afghanistan

  1. Police reform: challenges and issues

The awareness of the importance of police reform has grown along with the development of the concept of state building, which has emphasized the shift from the need to improve the state (making it more responsive to its citizens) to the need to  strengthen the state (making it capable of fulfilling its obligations).


Possible Integration of Cultural Components in the Mandates of any International Peace Operation 1. Introduction Back in January 2020, former U.S. President Donald J. Trump threatened attacks on Iranian cultural heritage sites via Twitter – warning that, if Iran assaults any other American assets, the United States will hit Iranian cultural heritage sites (Levenson). However, US officials expressed widespread opposition to targeting cultural sites.


Sleep is a complex physiological process that is regulated globally, regionally, and locally by both cellular and molecular mechanisms. It occurs to some extent in all animals, although sleep expression in lower animals may be co-extensive with rest. In the human beings occupies one third of the life. Sleep regulation plays an intrinsic part in many behavioral and physiological functions.

The Balkan Hub: Italian Model for Anti-trafficking Operations

Globalization, migrations and security issues are strictly connected but, if we can consider globalization and migration as “total social facts” - as we say in anthropology - because every element or representation of the economic, social, political, cultural and religious aspects are involved in this human experience, we have to underline also the “dark side” of this duo.