CPTM - Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials For UN Peacekeeping Operations


UN peacekeeping personnel make an important contribution in assisting countries dealing with conflict. They lend their skills, knowledge, and experiences to support peace in the communities to which they are deployed.

One of the best ways to support peacekeeping personnel in the complex tasks they will undertake is to prepare them with appropriate and relevant pre-deployment training. Such training is important for the successful transfer of the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed for efficient UN peacekeeping operations.


The CoESPU Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTM) Course, based on namesake UN CPTM edition 2017 constantly updated to the last UN policies and guidelines and specifically tailored to encounter the specific necessities of police personnell, provides the essential knowledge required by all peacekeeping personnel – military, police and civilians – to function effectively in a UN peacekeeping operation.

The CoESPU CPTM course represents the first step in CoESPU UN peacekeeping training, creating the necessary knowledge to fully benefit of further Specialized/Advanced courses with more in-depth coverage in specific topics.


The target group for the course are 20/25 Police Officers from national law enforcement organizations, eligible for deployment in UN Peace Operations and to attend further Specialized/Advanced CoESPU training programs.


  • the UN and its purpose;

  • contexts caracterizing a conflict or post-conflict situation;

  • expectations and responsibilities for peacekeeping personnel in assisting the host country;

  • range of tasks to be carried out;

  • collaboration required with a number of actors in the mission itself, as well as within the wider country and region.

  • necessary concepts and doctrines about Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, Protection of Civilians Gender mainstreaming, SGBV, CRSV, Child Protection.


FROM06 Jul 2022
TO12 Jul 2022
CPTM05 - English Language
FROM30 Nov 2022
TO06 Dec 2022
CPTM07 - English Language


FROM15 Jun 2022
TO21 Jun 2022
CPTM04 - English Language
FROM04 May 2022
TO10 May 2022
CPTM03 - English Language
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TO15 Mar 2022
CPTM02 - English Language
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CPTM01 - English Language