FPUCSS - Formed Police Units Commander-Senior Staff Course

DURATION: 4 weeks

High level course that, utilizing the UN Standard Training Modules as well as UN DPKO guidelines, provides specialized training for FPU Commanders and FPU Senior Staff from police components, who might take part in Peace Support Operations (PSO).


This training aims to form FPU Commanders and Coordinators as well as their Supporting Staff, providing them with the capability to plan and conduct operations at tactical level, in accordance with UN standards.


UP to 40 international participants, represented by Senior Officers in the rank of Colonel/Lt Colonel /Major or their equivalent.


  • developing the skills required to form subordinates on International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law;
  • enhancing analysis techniques to deal properly with historical, cultural, ethnic-religious and geographical aspects of those areas which might represent possible future operational theatres;
  • familiarizing with those doctrinal references and operational procedures necessary for FPU management;
  • enhancing knowledge and skills in regards to public order management, protection of UN personnel and facilities and interim operational support to the host country police service;
  • familiarizing with relevant logistic principles and FPUs equipment;
  • ensuring that participants fulfil the minimum performance standards for their issued firearms.


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