International High Level Conference on Environmental Management in Peace Operations

September 28th, 2022, in Vicenza (Italy). International High Level Conference on Environmental Management in Peace Operations, organized by Carabinieri General HQs and CoESPU, both in presence and through VTC.

Main objectives:

  • identifying and analyzing the environmental performance in Operational Theatres where peace missions are deployed;
  • detecting the lessons learned and best practices in the management of environmental issues in Operational Theatres and crisis areas;
  • encouraging the international community to anticipate the analysis of the environmental mainstreaming at the early stages of the planning phase;
  • developing new concepts and strategic approaches in support of the main International Organizations and the Italian Defence, particularly for what concerns environmental protection and promotion;
  • fostering the sharing of sector specific acquired knowledge among the International Organizations, Friend Nations, Allies and the scientific community, so that it can be an integrating part of the stability processes.

General Program:

On the 28th September, in the morning session, there will be three simultaneous panels, moderated by experts:

  1. Peace Missions: socio-economic repercussion of environmental damages;
  2. Capacity Building and environmental management in peace operations;
  3. Conflict as a consequence of the greenhouse effect: The role of forests as carbon reservoirs, to mitigate climate change and maintaining peace. Means for the monitoring and control of the woodland’s heritage.

In the afternoon plenary session, opened by the Italian Undersecretary of State for Agriculture, Agri-food and Forest, the representatives of the main International Organizations will portray their policies and programs on environmental management and the three rapporteurs will present the outcomes of the thematic panels.


Four categories of experts will take part into the Conference:

  • Three subject matter experts coming from the main International Organizations, who will encourage the reflection in the panels introducing research questions and the possible paths for development;
  •  the representatives of the main International Organizations named to present their experiences or the policy on the matter specific to their International Organization;
  • the academia representatives, experts from the civilian, military and police domain, that will be part of the working groups and in which a rapporteur will be nominated and who will share the results of its working group in the plenary session;
  • the Rectors, Prorectors, Heads of Departments, professors and researchers from the  Università degli Studi di Padova, Udine, Trento, Torino, Roma Tre, Teramo, Cagliari, Messina, Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Sant’Anna di Pisa, CIELS di Padova, Cattolica di Milano, John Cabot di Roma, Libera Università di Bolzano and American University of Rome, Johns Hopkins University of Bologna and S.I.O.I. – Italian Society for International Organizations, which signed Framework Agreements with the CoESPU, and the other universities and think tanks with which the Centre of Excellence habitually cooperates in the areas of research and doctrinal development of the research areas identified in the Research Plan;
  • researchers of MIT of Boston, with which the Forest Environmental and Agrifood Carabinieri Command (CUFAA) is developing a joint research project on the use of satellites and artificial intelligence for the control of woodlands; 
  • CNR, ISPRA, CREA and FAO experts with which the Forest Environmental and Agrifood Carabinieri Command (CUFAA) usually cooperates in research and studies activities;
  • The professionals from Army, Navy, Air Force;
  • The professionals of other Police and Gendarmerie, both nationals and foreign;
  • The representatives of the national and foreign research centers;
  • The interested experts of the sectorial community of practice.

The participation in the Conference will be in particular open to the directors of the peacekeeping centers or responsible for the training of peacekeepers in Centers of excellence, both in European and non-European countries, which deal with the subject of Environmental Mainstreaming in their training or research programs, starting from the IAPTC and EAPTC partners and the International Consortiums of which the Arma is a part of, as well as to the personnel of NATO SP CoE, EGF PHQ, USIP, PKSOI, and NATO School of Oberammergau, of George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies of Garmish and USARAF, will be invited to the event. 
Those who are interested but lack specific competences in the subject matter of Environmental Protection and Peace Operations, will be able to participate to the event via remote connection.


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