IMP - International Military Police Course

DURATION 2 weeks

Police (MP) tasks have been in constant development since the end of the Cold War. Modern international and multidimensional operations require not only a deep knowledge of the existing doctrine and best practices, but alsoa new mental approach required of the operators who are called to interact with different actors, such as civilian police and peacekeepers. For a long time, Military Police forces have been mainly a national matter, with MPs policing their own forces, at home or abroad. Nowadays, their responsibilities - especially whendeployed- arebroadening. As a consequence , this evolution seems to have evolved into a doctrine which in practice has more in common with civilian police forces or gendarmeries in stability operations. Quoting the US Army Provost Marshall, this evolution is leading the development of a new concept of Military Policing “with a small m and a big P”. This process  will be the foundation of the new modern Policemen.


This specific course aims to enhance knowledge of international MP, broadening their understanding of functions, tasks, main techniques, tactics and procedures while developing planning andthe command capacities of participants.


Up to 25 Military Police Officers and NCOs, preferably already possessing basic core  competences, eligible for deployments to operations in command positions atthe tactical level.


  • knowledge of MP doctrine (NATO, UN and EU);
  • evolution of MP concepts;
  • overview of MP operations and lessons learned;
  • presentations of MP best practices.


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