Stability Police Day 2022

Tuesday 25th October 2022


Consolidate the pathway to implement the “Technical arrangement among CoESPU, NATO SP CoE and EGF PHQ regarding the cooperation in the area of stability policing”, to enhance the “Chinotto” Barracks as an International Stability Police Hub.


  • Shared understanding of Stability Policing as defined by UN, NATO and EU.

  • Design common goals.

  • Adhere to emerging training and doctrinal research needs.


  • Guest Speakers to introduce the conference themes.

  • Subject Matter Experts of CoESPU, NATO SP CoE and EGF PHQ.

  • Moderatori/Scientific Coordinator.



The outcomes of the event will be defined through 3 working groups (WG). They will be requested to brainstorm on the following themes:

  • Hybrid Warfare

  • Strategic Concept/SP Implications & Considerations

  • NATO Perspective

  • EU Perspective

  • Environmental Protection in the SP perspective

  • Enhancing cooperation in the trilateral framework

  • Media engagement: SP Hub corporate identity

  • Prudent planning.

The abstracts will be published in the second edition of the “CoESPU Magazine – The on-line Journal of Stability Policing – Advanced Studies”.

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