STM - Specialized Training Materials

The Specialised Training Materials for UN Police 2021 (UNPOL STM 2021) provide police-contributing countries with a standardised training package that prepares their officers for duties in UN Peace Operations, SGF-related aspects, UN-policing concepts, Protection of Civilians and Human Rights prior to their deployment.


The training aims at turning capable Police Officers into competent Peacekeepers who can:

  • Fulfil Police aspects of UN Peace Operations mandates in accordance with DPO/DOS principles and guidelines and their underlying international legal standards; 
  • Perform their Police functions in an effective, professional, and integrated manner; and
  • Demonstrate the core values and competencies of the United Nations.


The UNPOL Specialised Pre-deployment Training apply to Police Officers eligible or already selected by the Member States, according with the selection criteria set by DPO Police Division (PD), to deploy as Individual Police Officers (IPOs). The training audience for the CoESPU course is represented by 20/25 Police Officers from national law enforcement organizations. 


  • United Nations Police (UNPOL) 
  • Police Command in a UN Context 
  • UNPOL Administration
  • Human Rights Due Diligence Policy (HRDDP) 
  • Community-oriented Policing (CoP) 
  • Intelligence-led Policing 
  • Capacity-building and Development 
  • Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising 
  • Protection of Civilians (POC) 
  • Use of Force and Firearms 
  • Apprehension, Arrest and Detention in UN Peace Operationsthe UN and its purpose


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TO07 May 2024
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