CoESPU Training Courses

CoESPU is devoted to conduct a wide range of training courses, at the national and international level, within the framework of Stability Policing as defined by the UN, as well as UE, OSCE and other International Organizations guidelines.

The CoESPU trainees are the nucleus of Peacekeeping Stability Police Forces for their respective Countries. CoESPU also serves as a doctrinal hub, promoting common operational procedures and standards developmentsarising from  the activities of police services in PSOs. CoESPU as doctrinal hub promotes inter-operability and a comprehensive approach to PSOs. Therefore, as a high educational study Centre, it works as a “think tank” to  standardize doctrine and operational procedures that will be used by SPUs and by individual police officers. The knowledge and skills that CoESPU attendees achieve makes them eligible to be integrated in any police mission. The Centre provides several opportunities to test and validate concepts with a specific focus on the goals established at the 2004 Sea Island summit.

It is within  this framework that CoESPU interacts with important academic and research institutions worldwide. The Centre also plays an active role in the UN Doctrinal Development Group which is tasked to draft new FPU policy and training  programs.

The training programs are carried out in English, as well as in French and also in Arabic when necessary.This is accomplishedwith the contribution of Carabinieri Officers and external lecturers, such as  senior academics and university representatives.

In accordance with the UN “Train of Trainers” approach, during the courses the participants are called to participate with their own lecturers and alsoacting as facilitators, discussing their personal background experiences and expectations related to the topics being discussed.

In fact, the primary goal of CoESPU is to  encourage the creation of an increased mutual understanding and knowledge of Stability Policing based on common skills, putting into practice the unified  intent of the Stability Police family worldwide.