UNSO - United Nations Staff Officers


The course CPM – Staff Officer directly responds to the objective of developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of senior Military and Police officers, as well as their civilian equivalents, designated to be deployed in Multidimensional Mission HQs as staff officers.


This training aims to increase the mutual knowledge, finalize and share co-ordination mechanisms, as well as enhance the ability of cooperation among the different elements and actors taking part in POs, with particular regard to deployments in non-stabilised areas.

The course focus also on staff procedures, operations and documents required to operate efficiently in a mission Headquarters.


The target group for the course are police and military officers from the rank of Major to Colonel or their civilian equivalent, from national organizations who are going to be deployed in UN multidimensional Mission headquarters as Staff officers.

(It is requested, as a prerequisite, that selected participants must have followed a specific training on the United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials - CPTM; such course is possible to attend both, or in home Country - providing the related diploma - or at the CoESPU, with a 5-day-long-course, before the beginning of the UNSO Course).


  • increasing participants knowledge of the different POs components operating in a mission area, along with their working procedures and best practices;
  • providing them with tools and methods to properly deal with cultural differences and diversity in a mission environment;
  • studying integrated operational procedures and doctrinal concepts necessary for peacekeeping  staff;
  • developing mechanisms for integrated responses as well as mutually supportive participation by police, military and civilian components;
  • developing the skills necessary to take part at managerial level in a multifunctional peacekeeping operation;
  • developing a general knowledge of stabilization and reconstruction processes.
  • operating in a Mission HQs utilizing staff standard operational procedures;
  • drafting HQs Staff Documents correctly and efficiently.


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TO17 Dec 2024
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