Law enforcement capacity building

Law enforcement capacity building


CSDP-related civilian conceptual documents

I. EU-wide conceptual framework

Title Doc. N.
Consolidated version of the Treaty of the EU (TEU) and of the Treaty of the Functioning of the EU (TFEU) 6655/7/08 rev. 8 30 January 2015
European Security Strategy (ESS); A secure Europe in a better world 10881/03 25 June 2003
Draft Internal Security Strategy for the European Union: “Towards a European 7120/10 8 March 2010
Report on the Implementation of the ESS - Providing security in a changing world 17104/08 10 December 2010
The EU's comprehensive approach to external conflict and crises JOIN(2013) 30 final, 11 December 2013
Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe June 2016
Progress Report on the implementation of the EU's Comprehensive Approach to external conflicts and crises Action Plan 2015 SWD(2016) 253 final 18 July 2016
Taking forward the EU's Comprehensive Approach to external conflicts and crises - Action Plan 2016-17 SWD(2016) 254 final 18 July 2016
Council conclusions on the Global Strategy on the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy 13202/16 17 October 2016
Implementation Plan on Guidelines

II. Concepts & Procedures for CSDP crisis management 

Title Doc. N.
Guidance note on the use of Conflict Analysis in support of EU external action 29 October 2013
Elements for an EU-wide strategic framework to support security sector reform JOIN(2016) 31 final 5 July 2016


Police-related peacekeeping conceptual documents

I. Police capacity building related aspects in peacekeeping


Title Doc. N.
2016.26 Police Administration in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions (Guidelines) PK/G/2016.26
Guidelines on Police Capacity-Building and Development PK/G/2015.08
Integrating a Gender Perspective into the Work of UN Police in Peacekeeping Missions PK/G/2008.30
Practical Guide to Peacekeeping Training Evaluation
DPKO and DFS Mobile Training Team Teaches Pre-deployment course in Cameroon

 II. Policies & Procedures on law enforcement capacity building related issues

Title Doc. N.
Human rights standards and practice for the police : expanded pocket book on human rights for the police ST/HR/P/PT/5/Add.3
International human rights standards for law enforcement : a pocket book on human rights for the police. ST/HR/P/PT/5/Add.1
2014.01 Policy on United Nations Police in Peacekeeping Operations and Special Political Missions PK/G/2014.01
2015.07 Policy on Protection of Civilians in United Nations Peacekeeping PK/G/2015.07
Decision No. 2012/18 - Human Rights Screening of United Nations Personnel PK/G/21987
Policy on Internal Evaluations and Inspections of UN Police PK/G/2012.13
Policy on Mainstreaming the protection, rights and well-being of children affected by armed conflict within UN Peacekeeping Operations PK/G/2009.17
The Contribution of UN Peacekeeping to Early Peacebuilding: A DPKO-DFS Strategy for Peacekeepers PK/G/2012.21172
Assessment of Operational Capability of Formed Police Units (FPUs) for service in UN Peacekeeping Operations PK/G/2012.11
Mobile Training Support Teams  
SOP on Mobile Training Support Teams PK/G/2009.23
SOP on Training of Trainers PK/G/2009.24
SOP on Training Recognition PK/G/2009.22

 III. Training materials on law enforcement capacity building related issues in Peacekeeping

Title Doc. N.
Core Pre-Deployment training materials
Human rights and law enforcement : a trainer's guide on human rights for the police ST/HR/P/PT/5/Add.2
Mentoring and Advising Training for OROLSI Mentors and Advisors- Facilitators Guide
Specialised Training Materials for UN Police Officers
Specialised Training Materials on Child Protection for Peacekeepers
Specialised Training Materials on Protection of Civilians and Prevention and Response to conflict-related Sexual Violence - Operational Level
Specialized Training Materials on Conflict Related Sexual Violence
UN Pre-deployment Training Standards for Police Officers
United Nations Police Gender Toolkit


Title Doc. N.
CSDP Handbook - The Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, Second Edition 2012 BMLVS R 11-0465, Vienna, Austria, 2012
( CSDP) Missions and Operations BMLVS 15-9999 Vienna/Austria, 2015
In Control – A practical guide for Civilian Experts working in Crisis Management Missions 2016 3rd edition
Good Practices in Basic Police Training – Curricula Aspects SPMU Publication Series Vol.5
Good Practices in Building Police-Public Partnerships by the Senior Police Adviser to the OSCE Secretary General SPMU Publication Series Vol.4
Guidebook "Preventing Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Lead to Terrorism: A Community-Policing Approach" ISBN 978–92–9235–023–9
Guidebook on Democratic Policing by the Senior Police Adviser to the OSCE Secretary General ISBN 978–92–9235–023–9
Implementation of Police-Related Programmes – Lessons Learned in South-Eastern Europe SPMU Publication Series Vol. 7
Integrating a gender approach into police-public partnerships  
OSCE Resource Police Training Guide: Trafficking in Human Beings TNTD/SPMU Publication Series Vol. 12
Police Reform within the Framework of Criminal Justice System Reform TNTD/SPMU Publication Series Vol. 11
Recommendations on Policing in Multi-Ethnic Societies  
Reforming the Police Abroad, by Frank Harris (2016)  
Self-assessment tool for nations to increase preparedness for cross-border implications of crises TNTD/BU (2013)
The role of capacity-building in police reform 2005 OSCE Mission in Kosovo – Department of Police Education and Development
Training Manual on Police Integrity ISBN: 978-92-9222-400-4
Prevention And Conflict Management Training 2015