Advanced Studies Vol. II - Issue 1 Year 2023

The first 2023 CoESPU Journal’s edition is online!

Five terrific, scientific articles on the following:

·        “Predictive Justice: between opportunities and dangers”, by Michele Lippiello and Sirio Zolea;

·        “DDR Programs and Gender Mainstreaming in Sustainable Ecosystems Management”, by Antimo Altomare;

·        “The credibility, integrity and success of a POC mandate under the impulse of UN Peacekeeping Intelligence”, by Driscole Nenenga;

·        “Mandated to protect: safeguarding children and their right to education in UN Peace Operations”, by Alessandra Vicari;

·        “Analysis of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse committed in the Scenario of the Malian Conflict”, by Erica Rubiu.

Grazie to our authors for their invaluable support!