The CoESPU Magazine 4-2021

The CoESPU Magazine 4-2021 is online!

Main topics of the 2021 last edition:

  • Specialized Police Teams on Assignment with Peace Operations: possible deployment of Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage Protection SPT in UN and EU missions;
  • Embedding new technologies such as e-gaming and artificial intelligence in police peacekeepers training.

Thanks to all the contributors to this issue of the CoESPU Magazine:

Col. Oscar Figueroa Ulloa (Chili Carabineros), Lt. Col. Luigi Spadari (Carabinieri Protection of Cultural Heritage Command – TPC), Lt. Col. Roberto Gonella (CoESPU Chair of Crisis Management and PSOs), Lt. Col. Federico Vecci (CoESPU Gender Advisor), dr. Davide Perego (Neuroscientist, Psyco-Neuro Physiologist), Sgt. Ana Prieto Rega (Spanish Guardia Civil, Nature Protection Service -SEPRONA), Ms. Maria Margaret Young, Ms. Giulia Ramundo and Mr. Fabio Sappino (CoESPU Interns).

Have a pleasant reading!

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