CoESPU Magazine nr. 3-2017

All eyes are currently fixed on the global crisis of the values of the social environment and this
apparently unstoppable trend has a decisive influence on the worldwide cultural diversity.
A really complex topic that deals with the maintaining of cultural beliefs, cultural practices,
heritage conservation, and with the attempts to answer the question of whether or not any given
cultures will exist in the next future for the next generation.
In this frame, history teaches us that the greatest misfortune for human beings is to be uprooted from
their origins. Therefore the protection of cultural heritage plays a sensitive role in the 21st century global
landscape. It represents one of the most effective tools in building sustainable peace and security,
especially in those areas affected by war and internal conflicts, and where civilians are often
obliged to escape from violence. As a result, the growing phenomena of human migrations is
shifting the geopolitical map at national and international level. These changes lead to new
challenges in integration, respect of human rights and peaceful coexistence among people from
different cultures and religions. Too frequently we observe a drastic clash of civilizations, which
then turns into violent actions and terrorist attacks against innocent and unarmed civilians, as well as
against the cultural expressions of different national, religious and artistic history. It looks like if there is
an insane strategy oriented to destroy what humanity built over centuries.
That is why the international community has fully realized the supreme importance of a complete
change of course, claiming for a global approach of these emerging problems.
In peacekeeping operations, the mission of stability police and law enforcement agencies is to
enhance international peace and security by supporting member states in conflict, post-conflict
and other crisis situations in order to realize the ideal of an effective, efficient, representative,
responsive and accountable police service of the highest professional standard possible.
To this end, a comprehensive pre-deployment training is a key instrument of developing
sustainable police capability through accurate learning programs that benefit individual as well as
the entire police organization. Through such training approach we shall include foundation,
proficiency and managerial learning programs in a prioritized manner. At the same time, stability
police shall seek a coordinating role within the international community in providing training
support to the host State police and other law enforcement agencies with a special attention,
among the other issues, to the cultural heritage protection.
Our Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units, along with the United Nations Department of
Peacekeeping Operations and thanks to the strategic partnership with the U.S. Department of
State, is fully involved in the sensitive role of doctrinal hub and training center, serving every
possible police community, from United Nation to other local and international organization,
through its advanced training method based on the consolidate Carabinieri expertize.
In this third issue of our periodical we have tried to present new subject areas along the lines of
the above mentioned statements. Hoping our efforts would be able to match your expectations, I
welcome you to discover all news mentioned inside this CoESPU Magazine.

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