3rd course on “Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising & Training”

Opening Session of the 3rd course on “Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising & Training” (MMA&T), organized by CoESPU within the European Union Police and Civilian Services Training programme (EUPCST). The main goal of the 5-day activity is to increase knowledge and skills of those working as Monitors, Mentors, Advisers or Trainers, employed in civilian crisis management missions, permitting a deeper and clearer understanding of their role and functions among police and civil services. The audience is composed of 16 participants, coming from 7 Countries both police officers and civilians, including interns; among them, Maj. Daniel Pislaru and Main Officer Nicolai Tulus, from the Moldovan Trupele de Carabinieri. During his welcome speech, BG Giovanni Pietro Barbano, CoESPU Director, thanked the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, which presently holds the EUPCST Presidency, highlighting the CoESPU leading role in the initiative since the first edition of the programme (at that time EUPFT) in 2008.