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Over the last few years, the international Peace Community, ushered in its efforts by the UN guidance, has identified the concepts of “Monitoring, Mentoring, Advising and Training” (MMA&T) as distinct, yet possibly interconnected, key tools to the international Police capacity building

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The respect of Human Rights is one of the core pillars of the United Nations since the very beginning of its international activity, explicitly mentioned in The Charter of the United
Nations, article 1.

UN Peace Operations have proven to be one of the most productive tools of international crisis response,  and an irreplaceable instrument to support world peace and security.

Since 1948, when the first mission was established in the Middle East by the Security Council, more than 70

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Addressing the longstanding protection issues is one of the main challenges of modern Peace Operations. Relevant international peace actors have been focusing on protection matters for years, particularly since 1999 when the UN Security Council – in its

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