Magazines 2022

The CoESPU Magazine – the online quarterly Journal of Stability Policing no. 4-2022 is online! Cultural Heritage Protection and Environmental Protection as the main topics of the last issue of the year. Among the contributions, articles by Massimiliano Munzi, Johanna Lauritsen, Marina Bizzotto

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Protection of Civilians as the main topic of The CoESPU Magazine no. 3-2022!

Regina Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Felicitas Springer and Joanna Siekiera went deeply into the subject, offering new visions and future paths. Enjoy!

The CoESPU Magazine 2-2022 is online! Main topics: Capacity Building & Development and Stability Policing; furthermore, Police Commissioner Luís Carrilho, UNPOL Advidser, in his opening article expressly written for the CoESPU Magazine, describes the UN Police new Technologies to address

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The Magazine 1-2022 is online! The main topics are IT & Cybersecurity, wisely analyzed and discussed by several national and international authors; furthermore, articles by Eurogendfor and NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence and CoESPU interns on current issues. Enjoy (and share)

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