The CoESPU Magazine 1-2021

The CoESPU Magazine no. 1-2021 is online!

Main topics of the 2021’s first edition:

  • Covid-19: impact on Training and Peace Operations;
  • Gender equality: despite some progress, many challenges remain to be overcome;
  • Environmental Protection in Destabilized Areas and Field Mission environmental sustainability.

Among the contributors, Jean-Pierre François Renaud Lacroix, UN Under-Secretary General for Peace Operations, and Atul Khare, UN Under-Secretary General for Operational Support, paid homage to CoESPU writing a very interesting article upon disinformation/misinformation as related to UN peace missions. Jérôme Mellon, Head of Policy and Operational Support Team among the UN Department of Peace Operations, provides a meticulously researched article highlighting the relevance of the inclusion of local communities for international organizations when they approach peacekeeping and conflict resolution. Catherine White, Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming Peacekeeping Training Programme Unit - Division for Peace, UNITAR, emphasizes the importance of integrating gender considerations, namely the particular needs, roles, constraints and vulnerabilities of men, women, boys and girls, into security sector governance, security institutions and peacekeeping operations. Jan Leenslag makes a thorough analysis of the Covid-19 and its impact on training and Peace Operations. Moving towards another subject, Stefano Bergonzini, after clarifying the key elements of Environmental Protection, analyses the role of the United Nation Environment Programme, defining NATO’s contribution in that particular and essential field.     
In the “Health and well-being” section, Professor Mario Plebani, one of the 100 most influential pathologists in the world, in relation to the Coronavirus, explains how saliva-based molecular testing has a reliability of 98% higher than the more invasive rapid tests of the latest generation.

Have a pleasant reading!

BG Giovanni Pietro Barbano

CoESPU Director