The CoESPU Magazine 2-2021

The CoESPU Magazine 2-2021 is online!  

Among the contributors, Savita Pawnday and Jaclyn Streitfeld-Hall, from the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, highlights differences and similarities between the Protection of Civilians and the Responsibility to Protect. LTC Nicola Bonomi, NATO SP Centre of Excellence - Doctrine & Concept Development Section Staff, makes a thorough analysis on the role of NATO Stability Policing in protecting the civilian population. In the “Health and Well Being” section, Dr. Davide Perego describes the “Post COVID-19 Syndrome”, that affects some patients who, after more than 12 weeks from the onset of the infection, continue to show inexplicable symptoms. Furthermore you’ll find many details about some CoESPU’s activities in Rwanda, carried out in last April.

Have a pleasant reading!

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