The CoESPU Magazine 3-2020

The CoESPU Magazine no. 3-2020 is online!

The main topic of the 2020’s third edition is “The Rule of Law in Peace Operations”, developed on four main aspects:

  • POs run by UN and by Regional Organizations: from competition to coordination;
  • Peace Operations: Policing IDP/refugee Camps;
  • International crimes: Role of POs in assuring justice;
  • Constraints and Restraints as Limitation of Freedom of Action in Performing a Mission.

Among the contributors, Commissioner Luis Carrilho, UN Police Adviser, paid homage to CoESPU writing two very interesting articles on the Peace Operations supported by the United Nations and by Regional Organizations and the role of United Nations Police in Internally Displaced Persons and Refugee camps and Protection of Civilians Sites. Stéphane Jean provides a meticulously researched article highlighting the support for the Rule of Law by United Nations Peace Operations, with a focus on the development of national law enforcement, prosecutorial, judicial and corrections institutions and access to justice. Sofia Sutera makes a thorough and critical analysis of the “UN Zero Tolerance Policy” on sexual exploitation and abuse.       

Furthermore, Giuseppe De Magistris, NATO SP CoE Director, analyses the requirements that must be held by the modern peacekeeper, highlighting the flexibility of the Gendarmerie-type forces and the importance of the Stability Policing as a new model of peacekeeping. Moving towards another subject, Michael Langelaar and Claudia Croci, in their article concerning the role of the personnel belonging to the corrections component in the re-establishment of the Rule of Law, introduced some concrete cases, emphasizing all the challenges they have been facing along the various missions.       

 The “Health and well-being” section features an extremely interesting article, where the author, Professor Mario Plebani, one of the 100 most influential pathologists in the world, in relation to the Coronavirus, addresses the issue of the essential role of rapid diagnosis and the appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

 Finally, in the “Alumni” section, Vito Franchini, the former CoESPU Magazine Managing Editor and actual EU-ACT Regional Coordinator in Tanzania, interviewed Lieutenant Victor Kashai, a former CoESPU attendee from Tanzania Police.

I wish you a pleasant reading!

BG Giovanni Pietro Barbano

CoESPU Director

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