NATO Stability Policing in Cultural Property Protection Conference

Brig. Gen. Giovanni P. Barbano, CoESPU Director, on behalf of the Carabinieri Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Teo Luzi, welcomed the attendees of the Cultural Property Protection Conference, organized by NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence in Vicenza. BG Barbano underlined the Carabinieri commitment in this sensitive field, recalling the institution of the Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in 1969, pioneering this special task in an International Peacekeeping Mission, namely in the framework of the MSU - Multinational Specialized Unit within the Stabilization Force (SFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1998, thus representing a solid point of reference in view of the birth of the United Nations Blue Helmet for Culture: the Unite4Heritage Taskforce, in 2016.