AT - Asymmetric Threat Course

In today’s world an  asymmetric threat in the form of terrorism is the major risk to peace and stability.The international community fights terrorism with a set of tools encompassing military and police assets. New doctrines and tactics are under development in order to stop a phenomenon that is transnational, complex and subtle. The goal of this course is to providea general overview of this XXIst century threat.



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CoESPU Magazine nr. 3-2018

One hundred years have passed, since the first World War ended, in 1918. The so called “Big War” is to be considered one of the major tragedy of the last century, the actual reason of huge economic, social, political and cultural changes, able to overturn our lives. The technology serving the cause of war is the main reason of those epochal mutations, turning fast and brutal struggles of the past in long lasting, static, no-contact conflicts.