Values and Principles

Since the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU) operates in close cooperation with the United Nations (UN), it shares the same core values of it: integrity, professionalism, and respect for diversity, harmonically embedded in the wider framework of values and traditions built upon the bicentennial history of the Carabineri, which, overall, represent the CoESPU’s highest inspirational outline.

The Center of Excellence’s activities are steered by the descending general principles of representativeness, responsiveness, and accountability, as well as of effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, in order to provide the highest professional standards for the beneficiary Law Enforcement Institutions.

Constantly inspired and guided by the mentioned values and principles, the CoESPU, laying on the UN standards, norms, procedures, and curricula, purposes to develop mid-long term training self-sufficiency of the beneficiary Police Contributing Countries (PCCs) - in the perspective of local ownership - along with building trust and legitimacy of the concerned Law Enforcement Institutions.

On this basis and to effectively implement the mission, a particular focus is given to cross-cutting issues as the Human Rights promotion – including the Protection of Civilians (PoC) - the Gender Mainstreaming, the contrast to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), the Cultural Heritage protection, and the Environmental Impact reduction, which are included in every CoESPU’s activity.